Djang San – One Man Live Orchestra

In 2011, Zhang Si’an became Djang San and started a new project, the “One Man Live Orchestra”.

The Djang San “One Man Live Orchestra” is an extraordinary project where Djang San, alone on stage, plays seven different instruments and devices as a one man band. The project has already been shown in many festivals and venues such as the Midi Festival in Shenzhen (China), the Hainan International music festival in Haikou (China), the COART festival in Lijiang (Yunnan, China), the “X-nights” (Beijing), the Croisements festival (Institut Français) and many more. Djang San plays his one man band orchestra regularly in venues in Beijing and around China.

Videos are associated with the concerts and are played in the background.



Live “On Man Live Orchestra” albums by Djang San (Zhang Si’an), now on bandcamp:




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