The Amazing Insurance Salesmen

The AIS win the 2010 GBOB in Beijing and China!

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Beijing Wins China Global Battle Of The Bands Final 2010 against 81 other bands (on Music Industry News network)


 In 2011, the band has played music festivals including the Zebra music festival, where The AIS played in front of 6000 people, playing on the same day and stage as Hong Kong Pop Star Edison Chen.



The band played at the “Fête de la musique” festival, organized by The French Embassy in China in 2011 in the cities of Wuhan and Shanghai.



The Beijing Haidian Park Festival and the Beijing Nanluoguxiang Festival are also among few of the festivals the band has played.



The Amazing Insurance Salesmen first EP “Escape”, is now also  for sale on itunes.


About The Amazing Insurance Salesmen:

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen is a band that was formed by French man Jean-Sébastien Héry (Zhang Si’an, Djang San, JSB), with bass player Maikel from Holland and ZIYO drummer Maomao from China.

The band formed in the summer of 2009, when Jean-Sébastien Héry was looking for a way to go back to rock music after ten years of playing folk music, chinese inspired folk songs and Jazz.

He asked two of the best musicians in Beijing to join him in a journey to create a new experimental rock sound.


The band plays original progressive experimental rock and songs inspired by bands such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and music genres like Jazz, Blues, Bossa nova, Fusion, Classical music etc…


The music of the band is very unique. It flows between short melodic punk-rock songs and long instrumental guitar or bass driven progressive rock.

The band has and still is playing in China’s most famous venues such as 2Kolegas, Mao Livehouse Beijing and Shanghai, Yugong Yishan, The Vox (Wuhan),  etc…



Band members:

Guitar/vocals: Jean-Sébastien Héry (Zhang Si’an) (France)

Bass: Maikel (Holland)

Drums: Maomao (China)

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