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“Bridges”, now available on Bandcamp, Xiami, KKbox and more.

Bridges (part 1) is the first part of a double album by Djang San + Band, each part of the album is 30 minutes long. Recorded in January 2015 in Beijing, Bridges shows all the different possibilities of the electric zhongruan designed by Djang San by using the instrument in many different styles of music such as grunge, folk, experimental, jazz, electronic, punk, and many more. 
With Carlo V. Fuentes on drums and Stefano Latorre on bass, the idea behind the album is to create a bridge crossing cultural boundaries through music. 
This is a bridge beyond cultures, a bridge between music styles, that allows the listenner to travel in space and time, from East to West, from past to future and from future to past.
The zhongruan, a 2500 years old ancient instrument, has never been used in such a unique, complete and extensive way.”

Based on the electric zhongruan, the album will soon be available everywhere. Listen to it first throughKarma Blues Records on Bandcamp. The album is full of influences ranging from Frank Zappato RadioheadQueens of the Stone AgeL. Subramaniam, Sonic Youth, Chinese classical music, Joy Division, music from Xinjiang such as Mukam, Mongolian music, electronic music, experimental music (Steve Reich, Edgar Varèse) and many more.

Remarks about this album :

“Bridges” (part 1)  was recorded in two days at Psychic Kong studio in Beijing. This double album is based on the idea of a bridge between cultures and music styles, with the electric zhongruan at the heart of it. For those who don’t speak Chinese, you can read the name of the album as “Tshiao” (Qiao in Pinyin).

 I took the picture on the album cover during a trip to Hainan island.

 Here is a description of each songs on “Bridges” (part 1).


 – Bridges:

This song is based both on classical Indian and Chinese music, and also on prog rock, it’s the perfect mix between cultures and music styles.

– Little Girl – Little Boy:

Based on a 7/8 time signature bass line by Stefano Latorre, this song is meant to be a cross-over between Grunge and Mongolian folk.  There is a video for this song you can find on Youtube or Tudou.

– Cow Street:

Influenced by music from Xinjiang and Mongolia, Cow Street is another bridge between cultures and music styles.

– Little Experiment:

Recorded by pushing the sound of the electric zhongruan to the maximum, the weird experimental sounds coming out of this track were recorded by beating the electric ruan with drumsticks while putting the instrument through all kinds of effects.

– Someone Else:

This song was recorded as an improvisation on the first recording day by the whole band, and the lyrics were also improvised on the spot.

– The Other Side:

The Other Side was recorded entirely by putting bits and pieces together, including the drums and all other instruments. I did what I could do by playing the different drum parts of the song myself with a click and assembling everything later.

– Gobi:

Gobi is a walk into the desert. On this one I have added all kinds of sounds, banging with drum sticks on whatever I could in the studio including plastic chairs, walls, even using my phone to add strange noises, a bottle of water, and all kinds of tools.

The second part of the album will come somewhere later this year.

Djang San.



Beijing Underground final copy






















4 New albums released, Listen to it for free and buy here:


“One Man Live Orchestra Vol.4”:




“Electronic Music For Chinese Restaurants”:



“This is Nonsense”:










 4 of January 2013, Yugong Yishan in Beijing.



19 of January 2013 at Jianghu Bar in Beijing.





8 of December at 2 Kolegas in Beijing with

“The Amazing Insurance Salesmen”. 





20 of November at Puer music festival in Yunnan (South China). 


22 of November at Laowo Bar in Kunming as Djang San.


16 of November at 2 Kolegas in Beijing with

“The Amazing Insurance Salesmen”.




The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at Yugong Yishan (Metoo opening) 2 of November 2012 9:30 PM 


Djang San at the Shanghai Shuixiang music festival, 20

of OCtober 2012:




Djang San “Electro-Folk One Man Band”

First part of High Wolf at Jianghu in Beijing. High Wolf

tours Asia and Australia tour 2012.

12 October 2012 9:30 PM.








18 of August:

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen: The Beijinger showcase at 2Kolegas.

17 of August:

Djang San at Tushuguan 98.

10th of August:

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at 2Koelgas.

11 of August:

Djang San at Modernista.

8th of August:

Djang San at Temple.

3rd of August:

DJ set at Beetle in a box.

Playing at What bar after midnight.









I’ll be playing on the 11 July 2012 at Temple on my own:


The AIS will be playing last at 2Kolegas this saturday 14 of July.

Also on the bill: Residence A, WHAI, and Nucleus.



Next gigs:




9 of June 2012: Temple Bar with AIS.


Gigs in June:


June 6

Electro set at Salud as Djang San. (perhaps a DJ set)
June 9
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at Temple
June 15
Electro-Folk set at XP as Djang San, in collaboration with Jurat from Xinjiang
June 21
Electro-Folk set at XP as Djang San for the Fête de la musique (World Music Day).
June 21
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at Mao Livehouse on the 21 for the “Fête de la musique”.
June 22
Electro-folk set at 2Kolegas as Djang San.
June 23
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at 2Kolegas for Daze Feast.
June 28
Electro set at Temple as Djang San.
June 29
Djang San at Yugong Yishan with “L’enfance rouge” from France.
June 30
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at Temple with “L’enfance rouge” from France.

The festival season is here !


After playing at the COART festival in Lijiang, Yunnan,

South China, I am back in Beijing and getting ready to

play the “Dong Party” festival on the 30th of April on

my own, and the “Midi” festival on the 1st of May, the

oldest and biggest festival in China with “The Amazing

Insurance Salesmen”



The Amazing Insurance Salesmen are back to rock the stage ! (Again and again…)


Folk in Chinese, Rock, Experimental, Electro, Jazz, Ancient Chinese Poems put in music, World music….

 6 of April 2012, DJANG SAN + XIAOHE + VIALKA @Temple Bar


Listen to Jean-Sébastien Héry (Zhang Si’an, Djang San) 10 years of music between Beijing and Bordeaux here: 


Winner of the China and Hong Kong Global Battle of the Bands in 2010:

Beijing Wins China Global Battle Of The Bands Final 2010 against 81 other bands (on Music Industry News network)



Watch “Flûte inversée”, a video by Jean-Sébastien Héry, extract from the album “Live at Tushuguan (vol1)”, released in September 2011.  Special thanks to the people of Jingshan park in Beijing who dance and play music every weekend there.

If you are in Europe and the USA, watch the video at this link:


If you are in China, see it here:



Watch “End of the World (part2)”, a video by Jean-Sébastien Héry, first extract from the album “Live at Tushuguan (vol3)”, released in January 2012.  If you are in Europe and the USA, watch the video here:

If you are in China, see it here:

New album by Djang San (Zhang Si’an), now on bandcamp:



Zhang Si’an new Electro-Folk project recorded live in Beijing in July and September 2011:

Volume 2:


Recorded live at Tushuguan Bar in Beijing in September 2011 by Olivier Trontin. All the songs are built on stage using a guitar, a keyboard, loop stations and Chinese instruments. Even the beats are made live, no sampler is used.

Volume 1:


Recorded live at Tushuguan Bar in Beijing in July 2011 by Olivier Trontin. All the songs are built on stage using a guitar, a keyboard, loop stations and Chinese instruments. Even the beats are made live, no sampler is used.


“Is it China”, Recorded in 2004:


Album recorded in 2004. First total attempt from myself (Zhang Si’an) to fully mix the ideas of music from the West and the East using Chinese instruments as well as creating my very own cultural bridge between cultures.

“Mandarin(e) Jazz”, recorded in 2010:

“Uranus”, recorded between 2006 and 2011


“Rêves d’enfance”, recorded in 2006


“Escape”, the new EP from “The Amazing Insurance Salesmen” is now for sale itunes and CD Baby !

Cover by Sébastien Mahon

Name Artist Time Price
1 Intro The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 2:30 $0.99 View In iTunes
2 In the Park The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 3:22 $0.99 View In iTunes
3 Babies The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 4:10 $0.99 View In iTunes
4 I’d Like To Love You The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 2:31 $0.99 View In iTunes
5 Escape The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 4:01 $0.99 View In iTunes
6 This Day The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 7:57 $0.99 View In iTunes

Mandarin(e) Jazz:

Also, take a listen at “Uanus”, for sale on itunes as well:

Here is the adress to buy it on

The EP contains 4 songs, all of which have been recorded from 2006 to 2009, and have never been released.

The video of “Uranus” directed and produced by Jean-Marc Laurent:

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen Win
the 2010 GBOB in Beijing and China !

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen won the Beijing heat of the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) and then went on to win the China heat in Hong Kong in November 2010.

Read more about our win: Beijing Wins China Global Battle Of The Bands Final 2010 (on Music Industry News Network)

Jean-Sébastien Héry (known as Zhang Si’an in Chinese) is a French musician, based in Beijing since 2006. He has been living between France and China for the last 10 years and is currently writing, playing and recording music in Beijing. He has collaborated with many local musicians and recorded many albums in Chinese.

Take a listen!

All these albums are for sale on Bandcamp, Amazon and/or iTunes.

Buy “The Incredible JSB!” records on Amazon

Buy “Zhang Si’an” records on Amazon

Jean-Sébastien Héry’s main projects:

To discover Jean-Sébastien Héry’s music, browse around the website.

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