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Born in the 80’s – Rêves d’enfance

Rêves d’enfance (童年的梦想) (2006) by Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安) “I originally composed that music for an expo for Chinese artist Chen Zhuo. She was doing an expo called “Born in the eighties”. The idea was to make the music last at least fifteen minutes (time needed to see the whole thing). By eighties, she …

Supermarket Music for Chinese Factories – 为中国工厂谱曲的超市音乐

With Hugo Radyn on drums, some percussions and vocals by Benjamin Desbrousses, and voices from different people and places.Compositions, recordings, sounds collage; mix, master and everything else by Djang San. Using sounds recorded in a factory in China. Supermarket Music for Chinese Factories – 为中国工厂谱曲的超市音乐 by Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安)

“stars falling into places” A short Music film by romain Lévêque

Recorded somewhere in Beijing, this concept short music film by Romain Lévêque was directed for the track “Stars Falling Into Places”, a track from the album “Falling into places” available on Bandcamp. Check the link at the end of the page to buy it or download it for free ! I almost died twice that …

Dreams of blue ocean

Djang San has recorded and composed music for many brands including Volkswagen, Holiday Inn, Acer, Homido etc…. He also occasionally composes and records music for documentaries and films. Music composed for Dreams of Blue Ocean, a documentary about surf in China, release date TBA. Dreams of Blue Ocean by Djang San