New albums “Music Dumplings” and “Robot” out now.


“Music dumplings” and “Robot” are the two sides of the same series of recordings I have done in 2013 between February and October.

I classified the songs in two different albums but this to me is more like a double album, because the songs come from the same recording sessions.


The first side, “Music dumplings”, could be the background music to my trips in China in 2013. click here to listen to it and buy it:

The other side, “Robot”, could be the music of a science fiction novel I will never write. Click here to listen to it and buy it:

As I often like to explain, you can see in those words and in this music whatever you want. 

Special thanks to Sebastien Mahon ( for the album covers, for his fabulous video “Music dumplings” and for his patience,

to Jean-Baptiste Garnier ( for his advice on sound and for mastering those songs (and for his time too), and to Mumu.

Special thanks to all the music community in China and to the people around the world who believe in a different kind of music. Also thanks to all the people who make things possible for me to happen.

May this life bring you what you need, and what you want.

Djang San.张思安

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