Hungry ? New Release: Electronic Music For Chinese Restaurants.




Click here. to listen to the music and buy it directly on Bandcamp.

Track list:


I Wanna Make Some Money ! (我要赚一些钱) 03:12


End of the World (part 2) 世界末日 (第二部分) 03:26


End of the World (part 4) 世界末日 (第四部分) 02:34


Fairy Tale 童话故事 03:44


Mashed Potatoes 土豆泥 05:52


Instant Noodles 方便面 01:53


I don’t Know Why 我不知道为什么 02:31


Inverted Mess 反过来的 05:32


Yunnan Jam 云南即兴 04:51


The Fugitive 逃犯 04:35


Morning Hangover 早上宿醉 02:20


Message to the listeners :


1) Don’t listen to this on your computer’s speakers, use real external speakers, or good headphones (if you want to hear the stereo effects).

1.5) Keep in mind that

I have recorded everything at home in Beijing, so I did whatever I could with the equipment I have here (it’s not great equipment, a bad sound card and an average quality microphone).


1.7) If you are in China, you might want to use a VPN.

2) Press play on the Bandcamp Player, or click on the link to play it on Bandcamp.

3) No need to lie down on your bed, sofa or on the floor this time, just listen to it wherever (though I think it would be better home)

4) This album is an experiment, this is the first time I compose songs in the way I did for these recordings, so I hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you.

If you want to support me as an artist and musician, please buy the music. Buy it here:


See you soon.


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