New Release ! Fete de la Musique, Frederic Beigbeder, Lo’Jo.

To my surprise the other day at Hanggai Festival, someone had recorded the whole show ! 

I was even more surprised when I got the recordings with everything mixed and mastered already !

Special thanks to Lorenz Kirchner here who did a good job considering this is coming out by only two stereo tracks.

Listen to this here and buy it if you like it.

This was the first performance of the band so I think you will all agree about the fact that it is pretty good for a first time.



The Fete de la musique is on ! The event will take place on friday 21st and will start early in the afternoon, so go on the website and check all events:


For my part I’ll be playing as Djang San + Band at Mao Livehouse, playing the first part of French Music Band Lo’Jo at 7:30 PM.


Then I will run to 2Kolegas to play as The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at around 9:30 PM. It will be a huge line-up there with also Namo, Perpetual Motion Machine, WHAI…..and Frederic Beigbeder , the French writer that gave us “99 Francs” and who is now a director, but also a DJ….


(Photo taken from Weibo)


The guy is in town and is using the opportunity to do a DJ set in Beijing.

See you soon !张思安




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