Newsletter: Gigs and videos from others.

Hi Everyone !

This time many videos and another gig at 2 Kolegas.

This Week end is 2 Kolegas 6th birthday so it’s a few bands going there to play .

There are bands on friday and saturday. The Amazing Insurance Salesmen will be playing on saturday evening after 10PM alongside “DH and the Hellcats“, “Black Cat Bone” and ” Nucleus”.

I got interviewed at the Ditan Park festival and the video was posted this week on the internet, a pretty nice video by Niurenku that got viewed by about70 000 people so far:

My friends from No Code,  a rock band made in Bordeaux just released a video for their album “Sex in Byzantium”, check it out it’s nice (on youtube):


Thanks for your support !

Check The AIS on the internet:

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