Djang San + Band “Tofu électrique” party 3: “Two Fishes”.


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Mixing Chinese folk, Western rock, jazz, French Chanson, electronic and experimental sounds, Djang San puts a different spin on world music.

Djang San – whose real name is Jean-Sebastien Hery – is as much an EXPLORER as he is a musician, integrating Chinese instruments – most notably the zhongruan (a traditional Chinese guitar) – and Chinese poetry with Western electric guitar, bass and drums. He’s developed into a prolific and creative artist, recording numerous albums, which highlight different styles, under various monikers: The Amazing INSURANCE Salesmen (rock), The Incredible JSB (world) and Zhang Si’an (Chinese folk).

Djang San + Band - Tofu Electrique


Djang’s latest album is Tofu Electrique (ELECTRIC Tofu). Recorded live at PK14 Yang Haisong’s studio in Beijing and released this past July, it’s a mix of world music, punk, classical Chinese music, jazz, experimental and ’70s rock.

With Djang’s David Byrne-like vocals, Tofu is an album that one experiences as well as listens to.  It’s certainly a refreshing change from the standard fare. Songs likeGhostsIf You Don’t Know and Two Fishes PROVIDE a much-needed and different perspective on popular music – as long as you’re willing to open your third eye a bit.


Interview on Canadia Radio “World Beat Canada”张思安



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