Djang San (Zhang Si’an) live friday evening and more…..

Hi !

Playing this friday night at Tushuguan.

I’ll probably record the show once again, like i did the last times i played there, and put it on the internet in the weeks following the event.

You can check the recordings here:

What else this week ?

Split Works, the organization behind the Black Rabbit Festival and many more things is turning 5 and is throwing parties all over China. The one in Beijing will be at Temple on the 7th of December.


– Chinese band Steely heart is releasing an album at Yugong Yishan on thursday 8th of December.  Not my favorite kind of music but could be interesting to see.  take a listen to their music on their douban here:

– On the same day, French Horn Rebellion and Nova Heart join up for a good night of Electro – rock at Tango 3F. I like the new Helen Feng project.  I think that would be my best choice for that day. Check the sound here


– Still on December 8, you could also choose to go see some metal core at Mao livehouse…I’m not really sure about what metal core is, that could be the reason for me to go see that.

– On that same day you could also see Lazy Camels at D22. I remember Lazy Camels to be a good band when i saw them one year ago, don’t know how they are now.

– My friends from the rock band Devil’s at the crossroads will be releasing their EP on friday 9th of December at Temple. I’ll probably get there after my gig at Tushuguan. . This is my my best choice for that day.

See you soon !

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