Djang San + Thanks for the fish at 2kolegas this friday and more….

Hi Everyone !

I’ll be playing my solo Electro – Folk stuff this friday at 2kolegas in Beijing.

I’ll probably play first at 22h00 because i have too much equipment to handle and i need time to put it on the stage. On the stage that night will also be a few other folk singers and Subs Kang Mao folk project “Good by and thank you for the fish”.

Listen to my Electro – folk stuff here and here

I just openned a Soundcloud account where i am in the process to put all my recent and better recordings.

Listen to it here:

Apart from that what’s on in Beijing this weekend ?

On thursday, go see Alex Edward Morris jazz quartet@East Shore. Alex is one of the best drummers in Beijing at the moment.

As you may know DJ Krush is in town and will be playing at Yugong Yishan on thursday as well.

On friday, go to 2kolegas.  Still, if you don’t want to see me (cause you think i’m ugly or you just don’t like my music or anything else….), come after 11 pm or  go see  Buyi at Jiangjin jiu bar or Hedgehog at Yugong Yishan.

On saturday, go see”Arrows made of desire” at VA or “Devils at the crossroad” and “Flaming Heat” (the new band from Rustic’s former bass player Ricky Sixx) at D22, but you could also go see “Boys climbing ropes” from Shanghai at Yugong Yishan.

See you soon !

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