Newsletter: The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at the Zebra festival

Hi Everyone !

For the first time, The Amazing Insurance Salesmen will be playing at the Zebra music festival in Chengdu on the 2nd of May 2011.

The band will be playing on the Main stage, on the same day as Edison Chen, one of Hong Kong’s biggest pop star, The On Fires (Australia) and many more.

Bands such as Success (France),  Your favorite enemies (Canada), Good 4 nothing (Japan), Xu Wei (China), Brain Failure, Gemini, Bigger Bang etc… all participate in the festival this year.

Check the video presentation of  The Amazing Insurance Salesmen for the Zebra festival on the internet:

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen Zebra video presentation

Want to know more about the festival ? Check the official website:

And also:



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