Newsletter: Zhang Si’an at the Ditan Park festival (and videos from Zebra)

Hi Everyone !

Like last year and the year before, i’ll be playing at the “Ditan Park Festival” on the 7th of May.

Many acts this year, here is the line-up:

On the 7th:

旅行者(lvxingzhe) \ 小河 (Xiaohe)\ 张佺(Zhangquan) \ 阿基奈(A jinai)\叶尔波利(Yerboli)\镜子\立東乐队(Lidong) \ 浪荡绅士\刘堃\BloodyWoods(中国) \ 胡爱唯\张思安 \ Nicolas(希腊) \ Malika(加拿大) \ Nancy J Brown(英国)

On the 8th:

万晓利 (Wan Xiaoli)\蕾蒂与杰特曼乐团 \山 人(Shanren) \ 张岭的蓝调乐队(Big John Blues Band)\ 林天然\钟立风(Zhong Lifeng)\马条\川子\杨嘉松\都兰(Dulan) \张羿凡\ AfrokokoRoots(非洲) \ Kamila(加拿大) \ No name(吉普赛爵士)\ Blackwater(爱尔兰民谣)

For more infos, go to or or and

Find videos of the Zebra festival in Chengdu, where “The Amazing Insurance Salesmen” played last Monday at this address:


Thanks for your support !

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