The AIS and Nova Heart at 2Kolegas, Djang San at XP, Seb Mahon expo at 798, DJ 3San and more….


First of all, you’re all welcome to come see

“Nova Heart”, Helen Feng’s latest baby,

 (who just came back from touring the world and got

mentionned in Rolling Stones Magazine) and

 “The Amazing Insurance Salesmen” at 2 Kolegas this

saturday night. The two bands should be followed by


My friend Sébastien Mahon, the man behind two of my

videos “Ahhhhhh” and “Shenme dongxi” is exposing a

few of his paintings these days at 798, at the

Xin Dong Cheng space for contemporary art.



As i haven’t played solo shows in Beijing for a while, I

have decided to play as Djang San at XP on the 13 of



Another artist friend of mine, Niko de la Faye, is also

exposing in Beijing these days, here is his flyer。



Last but not least, I’ll be Djying at Modernista on the 15

of December as DJ 3san. Don’t hesitate to come and

have a few drinks there.


(Photo by Foukographer

See you soon !



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