The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 3rd Anniversary Party @ 2 Kolegas this saturday night !


Special thanks to 2 KolegasWHAI and DJ Gildas for 

joining the party, we hope you 

will come

celebrate with us 3 years of madness,

and will push us to continue this

crazy project we started in the

spring of 2010. 


In 3 years, we won the Global Battle of the Bands in

Mainland China and Hong

Kong, played in Malaysia,

played the Midi festival

the Zebra festival, the

French“fête de la musique”


Played in countless cities in

China, were interviewed

by countless magazines.


We would like to thank The Beijinger, Beijing Daze,

City Weekend, Time Out, LiveBeijing Music, Martin

Rawlins Studio, Pangbianr,

GBOB,Wangba Records,

Niurenku, Mogo, China

Music dish,

the French Embassy in China, the Alliance Française,

all the venues where we played

including Yugong Yishan, Mao Live House (Beijing and

Shanghai), What Bar, D22, Nanluoguxiang, VOX,


(again), Temple Bar, all the

festivals and

venues that have welcomed us over these last 3 years,

all the people that wrote about us, filmed us, took

pictures of us, talked about us….


We Would also like to thank all the people who

listenned to our music, came to the concerts, believe in

us, gave their support and accompanied us during all

that time, the musicians and bands that gave us their

support and many other people

but the list of names is too

long ! 🙂

So once again, Thanks !


Please take a litsen to our EP “Escape” and buy it if you like it !



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