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Hi everyone !

This week, a few gigs, and an interview from PPTV, as well as a solo from Mao mao

Events this week:

I’l be playing alone with a looper, a few effects, and Chinese instruments at D22 in Beijing this friday along with Glow Curves, and this saturday on my own again at Amilal, a bar located near Nanluoguxiang.

Past events:

If you have pictures from our shows in Wuhan and Shanghai, please send it to me.

Our little tour for the French music festival 2011 in Wuhan and Shanghai went pretty well and we got to meet new audiences and play at new venues, like the Vox in Wuhan, and the Mao livehouse in Shanghai. Each time, we managed to surprise audiences and make new fans.

If you missed the Beijing Daze music festival last week end, check the review of it on the blog:

This is what i looked like at the show:

Other Shows:

If you don’t know what to do with yourself, check those gigs 🙂

Wednesday 29:

“Christophe Lier trio” at Purple Haze courtyard: Good jazz music, good food !

Saturday 2:

“Brain failure”, one of Beijing’s oldest and best Punk band at Mao livehouse.

“The Randy able stable” and “Christmas”  at Jianghu

“Proximity Butterfly” at Yugong Yishan

Sunday 3:

Don’t miss “Wu Zhuolin”, one of my favorite folk singer at Jianghu that night. She used to be in a very good band called “Wednesday trip”, buy the CD if you find it.





这周五晚上9点半以后我会一个人在D22演出,当天还有Glow Curves 乐队演出。




在上海的时候我们被PPTV采访了, PPTV 也拍了保险超人乐队鼓手DD毛毛的鼓solo。想看就上PPTV 和solo from Mao mao。


如果你们错过了上个周末的Beijing Daze 音乐节,可以上这个网站看照片: Beijing Daze music festival





“Christophe Lier trio”  Purple Haze courtyard:  好听的爵士,好吃的饭!

周六 2号:

脑浊乐队,北京相当好的Punk乐队,Mao livehouse

“The Randy able stable” 美国乡村 和 “Christmas” 圣诞节乐队   ,江湖酒吧

“Proximity Butterfly” ,四川摇滚乐,愚公移山

周日 3号:

别错过 “吴卓玲”, 我想当喜欢的中国民谣女歌手,她当天在江湖酒吧演出. 吴桌玲曾经参加过一个很不错的叫”星期三旅行”的乐队.



Thanks for your support !

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