What music in Beijing this week ? (correction)

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Let me start by saying i’ll be playing again this saturday night at Mako livehouse (located near Shuangjing subway station on the line 10). I’ll be sharing the stage with “Thank you for the fish”, the folk project from “Subs” singer Kang Mao. The band is quite interesting as it is a mix between the beautifully weird vocals of Kang Mao and some sort of revisited Chinese folk music. Take a listen at “Subs” here to get an idea of what that voice may sound with accoustic instruments playing for it.

So What’s in Beijing this week ?:

In Jazz:

On wednesday, one of my favorite Jazz guitar player in China, Lawrence Ku, is playing at Jianghu. 

My friends from the “Hot club of Beijing” are playing gypsy standards at Modernista.  Jazz singer Lulu will be singing Jazz at Fubar.

On thursday, Alex Morris, a great drummer, will be playing at East Shore café.

Xia Jia, one of the best jazz piano player in Beijing (He also plays keyboard for Cui Jian (The Chinese rock godfather)) is playing at East Shore on friday.

“Laurent Maur”, a very good jazz harmonica player and a friend of mine from Bordeaux is playing at East Shore this saturday.

Folk and Rock:

A band invited by the Swedish embassy, “Little marbles”, is playing on wednesday at Yugong Yishan. It’s pop, it’s full of bubbles, it’s like a sweet drink i wouldn’t drink too much of, like a Fanta or its equivalent here, Miranda… http://site.douban.com/littlemarbles/

On thursday, the interesting band to see should be “WHAI”, a band which has been recently created and that includes “Buyi” guitar player Zhang Wei and drummer Liu Miao, who also plays with “Lidong” and “Nucleus (Core)”. Those two guys have been in the music scene for so long that it is interesting to see what they do just because of that. (Didn’t find recordings for that one).

“Hanggai”, a band which is almost useless to introduce, is playing at 2Kolegas on friday. This band of Mongolian influenced music is getting more and more attention outside of China and will probably be playing a bunch of festivals around the world next summer.  http://site.douban.com/hanggai/

“Shanren” http://site.douban.com/shanren/ and “Lidong” http://site.douban.com/migratorybird/, two of the most interesting folk bands in China join up for a night of folk at Mao livehouse on friday night.

 Jurat, an interesting mix between Xinjiang (Western china) music and rock is playing at Temple on friday, introducing his new album “Sans famille”. http://site.douban.com/jurat/

“Demerit” http://site.douban.com/demeritpunks/, a Chinese punk band is playing at Yugong Yishan as part of their tour of China. Might me a good choice if you like “BrainFailure” 

http://site.douban.com/brainfailure/, one of the oldest punk rock in China. That happens on saturday.

“Duck fight Goose”, whose music i find interesting (at least on the recordings, never saw them live), is releasing an album on saturday at D22.http://site.douban.com/duckfightgoose/

 Try to enjoy your life and see you soon (maybe) !








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