New Djang San music out of the oven !

Hi Everyone !

I just released a new live recording, you can listen to it for free and buy it here:

This time this recording is more electro. I used more sampling and toyed around with the sounds and instruments I have on stage. As usual, i did all this as a one man band, meaning i play all the instruments and manage everything myself  when on stage.


So What’s in Beijing this week end ?:

Well, it is the end of the Chinese calendar and we’ll be soon entering the year of the “Black Water Dragon”. People are deserting Beijing so it will be less shows for the coming 4 weeks. The Chinese new year is like Christmas in Europe, family gather and eat for days, it’s also the biggest migration in the world for millions of people go back to their hometowns from the big cities all at the same time.

In Beijing, firecrackers everywhere will light the skies and the streets for weeks, bringing noise, in an atmosphere of joy and chaos. I’ll be playing my next gig on the 26 of February in Temple while the dragon is dancing.

In Jazz:


The best harmonica player I know, Laurent Maur, is playing this friday night at Jianghu.

Check, Moreno, one of the oldest piano player in town at East Shore on sunday night:

Folk and Rock:


Last show at D22, the live venue is closing its doors and will probably reopen somewhere else…If you’ve never been there, it’s time !

Bad Mamasan will be putting on a very special show at Temple:

Last show at 2kolegas before the Chinese new year with DH and the Chinese Helcats:


 Try to enjoy your life and see you soon (maybe) !

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