When Folk Meets Electro @ Yugong Yishan 8 Sept. 2012 9:30 PM





Djang San from The Amazing Insurance Salesmen brings on his Electro-Folk project to Yugong Yishan, sharing the stage with one of Beijing most inventive underground band Whai, and folk musician Haozi.


Djang San (Zhang Si’an, Jean-Sébastien Héry) has already released 14 albums and live recordings and constantly continues writing and recording music. His solo project, more than electronic and folk, is a mix between genres, cultures and styles, a one man band which originality and inventiveness goes beyond music itself.

Born in Bordeaux, France, he first came to China In the year 2000 and wrote his first Chinese song. Many records of different styles, fully or partly in Chinese, will follow. In 2010 he wins the Global Battle of the Bands in mainland China and Hong Kong with his rock band “The Amazing Insurance Salesmen”.

After studying violin as a kid, he started playing music again at the age of 15 as a way to get rid of Teenage angst, Djang San became a self taught musician, jazz, rock and folk guitar player, composer and producer of his own music. He has found his own way of playing Chinese instruments such as Zhongruan and Hulusi, playing with a new approach. On stage he manages to play five different instruments and devices, sometimes building songs in front of the audience, sometimes mixing samples with improvised ideas.


Whai was founded in 2012 by three artists from different Chinese ethnic minority backgrounds, each playing original music with distinctly Chinese elements. Whai plays a mixture of trip hop, dance, Chinese folk, psychedelic, avant-garde, experimental, rock, industrial, techno and noise. However, their sound cannot be boxed into one category; it flows free like the songs’ subject matters which range from China to phoenixes to the meaning of life. Whai’s music is dark yet dreamy, transporting those who listen to a mysterious world where any thing is possible.Like its members who do their own thing despite societal pressure, Whai’s music refuses to be shaped by rules and pre-determined norms.

Whai also incorporates techno music, thanks to special guest member Mickey Zhang. Mickey Zhang is one of the most influential DJs in Asia, who’s influence on the Asian, especially the Chinese electronic music scene, cannot be overstated. Those who choose to listen can fly to another world while moving to the beats. Whai is the alternative in the popular, it’s the newest and most underground band out there today.


Haozi is a Post-1980 Generation Indie Folk Musician. His solo EP Foreign Landsreleased in 2003, and Participated in the Taiwan Campus Folk Music Trip in 2007. He began traveling and creating a new album from 2008. In 2009,he released the single Traveling Horse, and released a collection of poetry titled A White Balloon Flies out the Window and solo album Sister Doe in this year.


Pm 9 // Rmb 50


张思安 / WHAI / 浩子




张思安Djang San,他是法国人,喜欢中国的民族乐器,于是他自学中阮,用一曲《奔放的马》改变了中阮外表憨厚、声音柔美的历史角色,甚至用弹爵士乐为中阮赋予华美、奔放、热情的特质。




成立于2012年,由三位少数民族艺术家组成,致力中国原创音乐,乐风融合了trip hopdancechinesefolk、迷幻,advant-garde, experimental rockindustrialnoise等等。



WHAI 是主流中的非主流,是中国最新、最地下的新地下乐队!


浩子80后独立民人。2003行个人EP《异国》,07年参加台湾校园民之旅。2008年开始一系列的行走,以及新的专辑歌曲的作。09曲《旅》,2012集《白色气球出窗外》和个人专辑Sister Doe》。


9// 50









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