Good Bye 2013. Hello 2014, thank you all for your support !

A look back at 2013:

As I am looking back at everything I did in 2013, I realized how much I did and I hope I will do as much as I did this year if not more :-).

I want to thank all the people who support me and say I am very grateful I can go on doing music. I hope I will be able to go on as long as I want.

Six Releases:

February 2013:

Release of 4 albums at the same time:




June 2013:  


Djang San + Band (Live in Beijing) cover art


December 2013: 


Just a little bit of Jazz cover art




 “Fairy Tale”: 





“Morning Hangover”:





“Instant Noodles”:











“Yunnan Jam”:











“Music Dumpling”:









Some reviews and interviews:


Music Dish China:

Smart Beijing:

Le Petit Journal:

Time Out:



April 2013:


“Croisements” Festival Opening Concert:



Les Hommes debout:


In the winter of 2012, I gave my voice for some weird recordings. The result was: “Les Hommes Debout”. My voice, as well as voices from other artists living in China was used to personify the mannequins.


May 2013:

Shenzhen Midi Festival:

Publicity for Sennheiser Microphones filmed at the festival:





Making music with Transitscape:

 For this one I had to improvise music for them while they were dancing in plastic bubble, it was quite an intense experience.




June 2013:


Playing for the first time as Djang San + Band.


Fete de la musique:

Playing as Djang San + Band at Mao Livehouse and with The Amazing Insurance Salesmen before French writer Frederick Beigbeder


August 2013:

Hainan Art Festival:

October 2013: 
































December 2013:























See you soon !张思安

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