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New Bob Dupont & The Vegan Bankers album out !

Bob Dupont & The Outstanding Vegan Bankers (from outer space) is a natural sequel to The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, the band that won the Global Battle of the Bands in 2010 in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Listen to “Espace”, The Amazing Insurance Salesmen album here.

More about The Amazing Insurance Salesmen here:

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen

Bob Dupont is a vegan banker who doesn’t eat gluten, who plays guitar, parties hard, takes the money, and doesn’t see any contradictions in his life , a modern life man.

We hope these 11 tracks will transport you somewhere else and make you feel good, see you soon !


Don’t miss the release party for the album on the 22 of February at Modernista in Beijing.

40th album out! Quadruple Album “Cigarettes-Dust-Bricks-Alcohol”. A true composer never stops.

40th album out! Quadruple Album “Cigarettes-Dust-Bricks-Alcohol”. A true composer never stops.

In order to celebrate 40 albums of music Djang San has decided to record a quadruple album.

Each side of the album includes ten compositions never released before.


The album’s music manages to integrate once again the electric pipa and electric zhongruan into new music styles and ideas, but it also includes a lot of guitar based tracks.

“Cigarettes-Dust-Bricks-Alcohol” was recorded by Djang San in Beijing from January to July 2017.

99% of the music on the album was recorded with Djang San playing all instruments including drums, bass, guitar, electric zhongruan, electric pipa, keyboard, vocals etc.

The album is divided in 4 parts, each part representing an impression of life in the capital of the most populated country in the world.

Each side of the album also represents a season, Summer for “Cigarettes”,  Autumn for “Bricks”, Spring for “Dust” and Winter for “Alcohol”.

The album’s tracks are mainly instrumental and experimental at times, also gathering field recordings made here and there in the last few months.

For best comfort in the experience, please listen to the 4 parts individually and one day after another, but not all at once.



See you soon ! nd/

Djang San and Djang San + Band on TV, South Korea tour and Seoul Music Week coming up too.

CCTV-F just finished a 15 minutes documentary on my music and was nice enough to send me the video file. I have published it on Facebook and Youtube last night, as well as Tudou today.

Here are the links:








A while ago Djang San + Band played on CCTV3, to my surprise the show also had a part of it that was a quiz and they made me win a microwave….

Here are the links for that:




This is about the 5th documentary (if I remember clearly) done by medias in China about Djang San or Djang San + Band music.

You can check more of these around on the internet.

Djang San + Band will be at the Seoul Music Week in May, we will also play a few other dates and I will also play solo in a few places including Busan in a tour.

Don’t hesitate to pass the info around !


See you soon !


Djang San + Band in Seoul on te%

The Beijing Underground Showcase #2




DJ Oshi will be presenting a special set for the Beijing Underground Showcase. 

From the humble beginnings of a local DJ, through to headlining famous club nights and parties on either sides of the globe, Oshi’s musical career has been a rocky ride to the stars. His technical ability to pull sounds from the most unlikely range of genres, combined to provide audibly stunning tracks and remixes has given him somewhat of an impressive reputation in and out of industry circles. 

Starting in 2000 as a DJ for the first independent radio station in his native France, Oshi’s skills as a turntablist and Electro Hip Hop producer forced him into the limelight. He was quickly given the opportunity to present his own Hip Hop show, gaining the respect of both his peers and his rivals. He went on to remix a number of songs for well known Hip Hop producers and Electro bands such as Sayag Jazz Machine (PIAS) and Gong Gong to name a few.

As a producer, Oshi has many advantages when it comes to DJing and with so many years spent invested in the music that he loves, OSHI’s skills allows him to use a unique method for creating originals sets for his audience. Simply through conversation, the emotion and passion he feels is evident and is reflected throughout his work. OSHI has been smashing dancefloors and never failing to deliver an unforgettable night ever since.

Spotting a market opening for his distinctive style, OSHI is now focusing on bringing a new electro vibe into the Asian scene by combining his production, remixes, bootlegs and turntablism skills in a hype mash-up of Electro, Gansta House, HipHop, techno and Dubstep. He is undoubtedly one of the hottest choice’s in Asia, providing the ultimate selection of latest and retro tracks for the club scene.

Horse Radio:

Horse Radio will be presenting a special duo set “Two Horses”  for the Beijing Underground Showcase. 

Mongolians bands are a dime a dozen nowadays. And let’s be honest, it’s gonna be hard to top Hanggai. But that’s precisely why Horse Radio (formerly Taan Towch) have caught my attention this year. They aren’t trying to be rock stars. It’s relatable, accessible, genuine, and most importantly full of life.
Will Griffith, LiveBeijingMusic 《Best Bands 2014》



Quotes from Dr. Smartass, one of Beijing’s premier underground music promoters

Punk is not merely a musical genre but a spirit and onceyou check out NAKOMA you’ll see that it’s not always what you say but how much heart you put into what you play, and nobody who has seen NAKOMA can deny that theur intricate musicianship is punk-as-fuck and pure heart”

The tandem of Tim and Nico trade off guitar and bass riffs like a sonic Batman and Robin. Percussionist Linda Westman pounds out the Bat-signal with her intricate beats. Within the first minute of their set you will hear why Linda is hailed by many as one of the best drummers performing in Beijing today”

Here’s the brass tacks, and if you don’t like it, well tough shit because I speak in rock’n’roll FACT. This is NAKOMA. For the uninitiated, this IS prog punk. This IS the legacy of what Greg Ginn – long before he lost his fucking mind and had benefits to take care of his fucking cats – was doing all the way back with BLACK FLAG on half of the “Family Man” Album and pretty much all of the “Process of Weeding Out”, except that this is light years beyond that because, unlike BLACK FLAG back in the early 80s – people GET IT now (and also: all three members of NAKOMA are sane people … Fuck the “stoner rock” moniker. Save that for WHAI or other bands that basically sound like video game music. THIS is rock’n’roll. THIS is fucking punk. The only thing better is watching and hearing them do it live (‘cause you can’t see Nicola Mazzei barefoot and gonzo, and both he and Tim moving around like orbiting satellites to Linda, who is the planet locked in the orbit of percussion)”

Album streaming and download

Online video

Online presence

Booking contact


Djang San + Band:张思安与乐队:

Re-inventor of Chinese classical instruments zhongruan and pipa by electrification, philosopher, poet, composer, guitar hero, DJ, one man orchestra, music pioneer and explorer of new sounds, Djang San has been doing music in China since the year 2000. An artist with many faces, Djang San has also won the battle of the bands in Mainland China and Hong Kong against 100 bands in the year 2011.

Djang San has so far released 35 albums, the music styles of the albums range from Jazz to electro, rock, classical music, experimental music and more. Creator of a theory of intelligence, the personality of Djang San takes many different shapes in his many different projects.

As a one man band, Djang San plays seven different instruments on stage including guitar, flutes, electronic devices and synthesizers.

Djang San + Band is an extension of Djang San, a trio based on an electric version of Chinese instrument zhongruan he has created himself in 2014. The band is now extending its playlist to all of Djang San’s albums. The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, a band started in 2009, is Djang San’s attempt to link psychedelic rock, math rock and punk rock.

As a DJ, DJ 3San creates a mix between modern electro and techno with samples of jazz, blues, and classical music. Djang San also plays Jazz, bossa nova, and other styles of music with other musicians in China.



Noise Arcade:


Noise Arcade is a solo, live electronic project that is based in Beijing. Over the past two years, Noise Arcade has toured China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, and The Netherlands. In addition to touring, Noise Arcade has released a series of albums for several different labels including Nasty Wizard Recordings, Metaphysical Circuits, and MetalPostcard. The album called ‘Selective Memory’ recorded for Huashan Records based in Shanghai was selected by Smart Shanghai as one of the best albums for 2014. 
Noise Arcade是一個來自北京的單人現場即興電子計劃。過去兩年來Noise Arcade把中國,南韓,日本,印度尼西亞,馬來西亞,新加坡,德國和荷蘭都巡迴了一遍。除了巡演之外,Noise Arcade還在一堆不同的廠牌下發行了一堆風格各異的專輯,包括了鬼鬼祟祟發起的廠牌Nasty Wizard Recordings, 還有此前發行了上海噪音搖滾二人組Pairs和上海單人樂隊炸脖龍專輯的Metal Postcard廠牌。而在上海的Huashan Records廠牌下發行的專輯 ‘Selective Memory’ 更被Smart Shanghai 選為2014年的最佳專輯之一。



Josh Feola has been active in Beijing’s scene since 2009 as a writer, curator and musician, most notably as former drummer of Chui Wan and now of Subs. Now he’s added yet another line to his CV: Charm, a solo electronic music project. He talks to Liz Tung about his newest creative outlet

How do you describe your music?
I would call it a field recording- and percussion-based drone. I think drone is a key word because it’s really amorphous; sometimes there’s a semblance of a beat or a rhythm or some kind of structure but it fades away very quickly.
You’ve played in bands as a drummer. How is this different?
For me this is the first time I’m doing a band [where] I call all the shots. Everything is coming from me, so there’s no one else to fall back on. I have no background as a songwriter, so thinking about making music on my own is the biggest difference.
So is it all improvisation?
It’s like 99.999 percent improvised; I don’t even really practice.
What kind of mood, if any, are you trying to evoke when you play?
Contemplative, I guess. In someways it’s me trying to recreate my own sonic memories, which aren’t directly correlated to any specific mood. In general it’s a bit dark, but it’s not depressing – I guess sombre would be the word for it.
Your approach to music is fairly intellectual.
Yeah, I’m definitely hyper contextualised, so on one hand I’m always thinking about how I can make what I’m doing meaningful in the context of the Beijing music scene. But on the other hand, I still have that kind of punk strain where I want to viscerally affect people. I’m not doing 30-second powerviolence songs, but I am using sound to shake people up and get them out of their normal state.


Little Punk:

Little Punk” is the English-turned-stage name-turned amorphous broken folk project of Jiangxi province singer and songwriter Huang Pei. Her musicis simple and complex, wry and wrenching minimal acoustic compositions that tell stories of depression, desperation, love, and happiness. Her debut record was self-released in 2012, and since then, she’s moved to Beijing and played sporadic shows here and there, whilst also working on an acting and film career.  Currently,she’s writing new material, playing with different Beijing musicians, and working on new releases for Beijing-based vinyl label Genjing.

Orange Bud:

Orange Bud is the brain child of bass player and DJ, Peter Stone. This up and coming band explores a wide range of styles from Dub, or Minimal, Deep, funk and anything in the fringes of genre conventions. All under a shroud of jazz and auditory pop culture inserts.

On Bass, machines : Peter Stone
On Drums : Marco Bangs.
On keyboard : Thomas Klein
On Saxophones : Fabrice Genfould


Life is full of questions. Why is the sky blue? What is the purpose of existence? There is, however, one question that stands out amongst the rest… What on Earth is ‘Zhege’?! The answer to this question is too complex and profound to be put into words, so we will tell you only this. 4 contrastingly unique personalities united with one goal in mind; To play loud music and make some cool sh**. This is Zhege.

Good Bye 2013. Hello 2014, thank you all for your support !

A look back at 2013:

As I am looking back at everything I did in 2013, I realized how much I did and I hope I will do as much as I did this year if not more :-).

I want to thank all the people who support me and say I am very grateful I can go on doing music. I hope I will be able to go on as long as I want.

Six Releases:

February 2013:

Release of 4 albums at the same time:




June 2013:  


Djang San + Band (Live in Beijing) cover art


December 2013: 


Just a little bit of Jazz cover art




 “Fairy Tale”: 





“Morning Hangover”:





“Instant Noodles”:











“Yunnan Jam”:











“Music Dumpling”:









Some reviews and interviews:


Music Dish China:

Smart Beijing:

Le Petit Journal:

Time Out:



April 2013:


“Croisements” Festival Opening Concert:



Les Hommes debout:


In the winter of 2012, I gave my voice for some weird recordings. The result was: “Les Hommes Debout”. My voice, as well as voices from other artists living in China was used to personify the mannequins.


May 2013:

Shenzhen Midi Festival:

Publicity for Sennheiser Microphones filmed at the festival:





Making music with Transitscape:

 For this one I had to improvise music for them while they were dancing in plastic bubble, it was quite an intense experience.




June 2013:


Playing for the first time as Djang San + Band.


Fete de la musique:

Playing as Djang San + Band at Mao Livehouse and with The Amazing Insurance Salesmen before French writer Frederick Beigbeder


August 2013:

Hainan Art Festival:

October 2013: 
































December 2013:























See you soon !张思安

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen at the Zebra festival on “MusicDish China”

See the complete article here:

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen Rocking Out Loud In Chengdu’s Zebra Festival
Guitars were tuned, ties adjusted and nerves abandoned. It was time to do our thing in Chengdu!

By Maikel Liem

[May 1st] We left Beijing in great spirit and slightly hungover from a previous night of drinking to our upcoming performance at the Zebra music festival. The festival would include an impressive lineup of both local and international bands, including The on Fires (Australia), Success (France) Good for Nothing (Japan), as well as Chinese folk rock legend Xu Wei and Beijing rockers Brain Failure. The 3 day festival was to be concluded by the (in)famous Edison Chen.

A few hours after we arrived at the hotel, we went out to the venue for our 11pm soundcheck. Once at the hilly Tulips Flora Park (Yujinxiang Huahui Gongyuan), the main stage loomed over us. Xu Wei was just finishing his set and we were lucky to catch a last couple of songs from backstage as well as take some pictures with him. But then it started to rain, so the organizers decided to postpone the soundcheck until the following day. Since the festival is in Xindu, on the outskirts of Chengdu, we decided to hit the hay after unsuccessfully trying to find a (decent) massage place.

[May 2nd] We went to the venue around 13:30pm, still fearing that the rain would put a stop to our performance. We watched The on Fires’ soundcheck and were especially amazed by their kickass drummer. A small audience had gathered in front of the stage and started to applaud the bands. If they liked the soundcheck, hopefully they would love the actual show.

Backstage, we were getting prepared in our tent (i.e. boozing up and smoking). Then around 4pm, we got to the stage. Guitars were tuned, ties adjusted and nerves abandoned. It was time to do our thing in Chengdu!

Overall, I think the audience was impressed. It was hard to hear each other, so we made a few more mistakes than usual, but every song was greeted by warm applause. We started our show with our typical song “Intro”. The audience had considerably grown at this point.

We then proceeded with the more than appropriate song “In the Park”. This loosened up the crowd, especially with Maomao’s energetic drum beats. People vigorously clapped along to “Babies” and the mellow song in our set list “Uranus” calmed them down. Our instrumental song “This Day” showed off some bass tapping and crazy bottleneck solos by Jean-Sébastien, while “Escape” brought a little funk rock to the house. We finished our set with a relatively new song called “Dancing to the Voice of a Dead Man” and Jean-Sébastien showed the people his dance moves.

While still on stage after our last song, I took a few pictures of the screaming crowd who seemed more than happy to be photographed. We then proceeded backstage, and after a small break, it was time to do some interviews, including one for China Mobile. We then went out on the field to see the other bands. We got our drunk on and enjoyed the free spirit of the festival blessed by the lucky panda.

Beijing’s own Brain Failure was giving a hell of a show and we really admired their stage presence. Unfortunately, their show was cut short for some reason. And finally, Edison Chen started his performance, which was met with a lot of (female) cheering.

It was great doing festivals again, like the Nanluoguxiang and Haidian Park festival we’d done before. But Zebra was the most memorable so far.

[May 3rd] We and the Brain Failure boys took the same plane back home to Beijing, sharing our fun at one of the greatest outdoor festivals in China: Zebra!

It was certainly a great experience and definitely something we would want to repeat bery soon. We got the opportunity to meet new bands, make new friends, and get new fans. So get ready for our experimental fusion rock to blast your ass at a venue near you!

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