The Zhang Si’an Newsletter: URANUS, THE EP!

Hi everyone !

If you liked the video i posted last time “Uranus”, you can now buy the “Uranus” EP on itunes and

Here is the adress to buy it on

The EP contains 4 songs, all of which have been recorded from 2006 to 2009, and have never been released.

To review the video of “Uranus”, go to:


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The Zhang Si’an Newsletter: URANUS, THE VIDEO!

Hi Everyone !

Just a little newsletter this time to tell you i released a video for the song “Uranus”, that i often play
with “The Amazing Insurance Salesmen”.

This is an earlier version of the song, recorded in 2007 in Belgium for the openning of

The Avalon studios in Tervuren (Bruxelles).

(If you can’t see it, go to

On this recording:

Jean-Sébastien Héry: Guitar/Voice)
Olivier Sterbik (Solo guitar)
Emilie Koang (Cello)
Jonhatan Bridoux (Keyboard)

Video by Niurenku on our win of the GBOB in China !

A short documentary about the GBOB win and our travel to Hong Kong:

This video has so far got 80 000 views !

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Happy Chinese New Year !

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All my 8 albums are for sale on itunes and (look for “Zhang Si’an” or “The Incredible JSB!”) &parent=B001OIOL02&qid=1284355367&sr=301-1

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen win China Global Battle of the Bands!!

Hi Everyone!


“The Amazing Insurance Salesmen” wins China GBOB and will represent the China underground music scene at Kuala Lumpur for the World final of the GBOB on the 26 of February !!!! Bands from about 16 different countries will be participating in the event.

Friday evening:

To celebrate the GBOB victory in Hong Kong, The Amazing Insurance Salesmen will be playing this friday evening at 2Kolegas with bands such as “Wu and the Side Effects” and “Nucleus”.


Article published in « China Music Dish », Website for music professionals.

Article published in the « Beijing Daze » blog.

Article published in « ROUND-THE-WORLD BARSTOOL BLUE » blog:

An article was also published in the “Global Times” yesterday.

Other News:

– I am giving a song away (“Xingfu Zai Nali”, you can listen to it on for the “World Aids Day Beijing 2010 Compilation CD” that will come out on the 3rd of December 2010. On that occasion, there will be a concert at Jianghu bar on the 3rd of December. The CD will be there for sale and other artists participating in the CD will be playing that night.

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