Playing at Temple on the 16 of November

Hi Everyone !

I’ll be playing my solo project at Temple on the 16 of November, which is next Wednesday.

Here is what City Weekend Magazine says about it:

“Keep your ears open as Zhang Si’an will bring his experimental

Chinese/French electro-folk music to Temple. We can almost guarantee

that you have never had an experience like this before. “

I have been recording a bit more than one song a week at home and everything can be listenned to for free


Almost all of the music i have been doing in the last ten years can now be listenned to for free on Bandcamp


What else in Beijing this week ?

Thursday: If you want to listen to the best jazz drummer in Beijing at the moment, go check Alex Morris Jazz Quartet every thursday at East Shore Café after 10 PM.

Friday: Last show for Mathieu (after 7 years of music in Beijing) with “Mademoiselle” at 2Kolegas, don’t miss what will be a great show and a great going away party, with lots of musicians being there it will probably end in a great jam. I did lots of music here with him and i can tell you the guy knows how to deal with a guitar.

Saturday: “Acid Live” Check that out if you want to party all night. The band has been joined recently by MC Felix, with whom i have collaborated in the past.

See you soon !








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