Djang San and Djang San + Band on TV, South Korea tour and Seoul Music Week coming up too.

CCTV-F just finished a 15 minutes documentary on my music and was nice enough to send me the video file. I have published it on Facebook and Youtube last night, as well as Tudou today.

Here are the links:








A while ago Djang San + Band played on CCTV3, to my surprise the show also had a part of it that was a quiz and they made me win a microwave….

Here are the links for that:




This is about the 5th documentary (if I remember clearly) done by medias in China about Djang San or Djang San + Band music.

You can check more of these around on the internet.

Djang San + Band will be at the Seoul Music Week in May, we will also play a few other dates and I will also play solo in a few places including Busan in a tour.

Don’t hesitate to pass the info around !


See you soon !


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